About Vivify :

Vivify Boutique was created through a passion for building solid relationships with women in the industry who support and uplift each other. Vivify means to, be animated, enliven, energized, and invigorated. When building this brand, it needed to represent all this, especially embracing self-love. So, that is how Vivify came to live! Our brand encourages community versus competition, embracing natural beauty, and self- love. We are passionate about spreading this message through fashion models of all color, shapes, and sizes, aka our Vivify Dolls. We are a group of women who love to network, collaborate, and model as fashion and brand ambassadors.

What three words best represent our boutique brand, and what is our signature product that makes our customers feel just that?

We want our clients to always feel vivid through fashion, but most importantly through body and mind positivity. We genuinely believe that how you dress equals to how you will feel about yourself. To vivify themselves, by putting on a pleated skirt instead of yoga pants and automatically feel more cheerful. Positivity is a state of mind that we can be controlled simply by self-love and self- care. We are also releasing a signature jean pant that simply makes one feel good about themselves and their body. The three words that best describe our brand are: self-love, enliven, and unique.

What is a typical day like at Vivify?

A typical day at Vivify would be branding promotion activities. We have plenty of inventory to work and become creative with. Models come in and we work on outfit creations and fittings and discuss themes /concepts of shoots and program it on the calendar. We also have an in-house photography studio where models come in and take professional photos of our products, for our official website and social media pages. We like to identify ourselves as a community group of women who support each other through fashion collaborations while promoting women empowerment.